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Solutions for Veterinary and Human Medicine

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A Peer to Peer Research Atmosphere Designed to Encourage and Stimulate Product Research

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New Antiviral & Oncology Treatment Technologies

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A Biopharmaceutical Virtual Research Environment

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Combining Core Skilled Partners with Collaborators for a Unique Business Model

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Nuovo Biologics is commercializing an innovative platform of protein drugs which could have profound…


Much of the efforts associated with discovering and bringing new drugs into the marketplace has now shifted…


With the lack of products in the pharma research pipelines and the high cost of development, we at Nuovo Biologics…

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One Health…One Drug…One Disease
One Health
The One Health Concept Recognizes the Interrelationship Between Animal, Human and Environmental Health. Learn More

PVX & Distemper Study

The use of PVX, in Clinical Studies for treating distemper, showed promise in multiple locations around the United States. Click here to see additional videos.